About Rowan

I discovered Chinese medicine shortly after moving to Portland to complete my undergraduate studies.  I began my journey as a patient, but after several years of being an increasingly curious patient I found myself drawn into the formal study of this medicine.  In Chinese medicine, I found tools that helped me to transform myself, and which I have seen lead to dramatic positive shifts in patients.

As a long-time community activist I found myself wanting to help people on a more personal level, and in a way that would lead to lasting changes in people’s lives.

I have been blessed to study with fantastic teachers, both at the National University of Natural Medicine (NUNM/formerly NCNM) and abroad.  My closest teachers, Roger Batchelor and Brandt Stickley, are both dedicated community health workers who focus on patient-centered care.  Their acupuncture and herbal strategies have helped me to deeply listen to a patient’s experience and provide effective and affirming treatment for a wide range of injuries and ailments.

I have trained in the Shen-Hammer pulse system with Stephen Higgins.  This system is particularly focused on helping to diagnose and treat emotional disturbances.  Recently I also traveled to China to attend lectures from the renowned herbalist Li Xin and the acclaimed acupuncturist Sylvie Morant.

Rowan Everard, LAc


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